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Do you have tight legs that don’t seem to respond to stretching? No matter how many times you stretch your legs they just tighten up again. I went through this process for 15 years, every day I stretched my hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes only to wake up the next day and feel tight again. Then I discovered the best way to loosen my legs.

Three months ago, I attended a course on the latest hip research that I learned the secret of stopping my legs from tightening up. The latest research shows that in standing our leg muscles should be relaxed and not tensed. In standing our bones line up so that we should be able to stand relaxed. I did not realise that in standing I was tensing my thigh muscles. No wonder I needed to stretch them so much! Once I started relaxing my legs in standing I found that I rarely had to stretch. I now only stretch every few days and the day after a heavy workout.

The latest research has found that when we tense our large thigh muscles constantly in standing the muscle fibres change from being a power muscle to a stabiliser, which is the opposite to how it is meant to work. This also causes increased compression of the patello-femoral and hip joints, which then leads to pain and osteoarthritis.

So make sure you relax those legs in standing. Have a look in the mirror at your legs. Do they look relaxed or tight? When you touch your legs in standing are they relaxed or tight?

If you cannot relax your legs even with a bit of practice you may have an underlying injury that needs to be assessed by a physiotherapist.

Make sure you can relax those legs to avoid pain and arthritis!

Yours in Good Health


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