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Are you at risk of lower limb injury? With a growing awareness of what it means to have a healthy body and mind and the increasing number of gyms and the availability of cycle paths, fun runs, triathlons and various multi sports it is no wonder we are seeing an increase in the number of leg injuries in our clinic. These injuries affect many aspects of a patient’s life.

A 2006 study has shown a simple test using the patient’s leg length in combination with single leg balance and the distance the patient can reach away from the standing foot with the opposite foot to be a good predictor of leg injuries. The study showed females failing to reach forwards, sideways and diagonally at least 94% of their leg length were 6.5 times more likely to suffer a lower limb injury. This tool can be reassessed at various stages of a conditioning program to show improvement and provide motivation.

Recent research has shown female athletes are 3 to 8 times more likely to experience a serious knee injury than men regardless of the sports code and level of contact. So the dynamic balance test is even more important for women.

This test in combination with a thorough physiotherapy assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the legs can guide a specific, tailored program to increase your chances of preventing and rehabilitating an injury.

We will be uploading the dynamic balance test on video to our website within the week so you can see how to test your risk of injury.

Yours in Good Health

Paul Smith




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